Why 70s Costumes Are So Popular

Published: 05th July 2010
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Ah the 1970s, a time of disco, big pants and even bigger hair. Men wore platform shoes with goldfish in the soles. Women wore hot pants. Everyone had an afro. The music was techno-tronic, the dance moves were jive and the television shows were "outta sight!". Bring back the era with your own 70s costume because there are a lot of reasons that the 70s are so popular all over again.

The Hair

Oh baby, was the hair ever out there! Man, you should have seen the afros on the dudes and chicks. Okay, the afro was one of the most popular hair looks, but the jheri curl and other styles were popular too. Think of the Farrah Fawcett hair style- with the flipped layers and perfectly feathered bangs. Girls from four to forty four were trying to get their hair to flip back like that every morning.

The Clothes

Denim was the material of choice for this era with bell bottom jeans, denim vests and even denim hats. Leather was another popular material and everyone worked to create the look of their favorite actors. John Travolta gave us two characters to dress like: high school thug, Vinnie Barborino and Tony Manero, his character from Saturday Night Fever. (If you buy the DVD of that movie now you can get a special package that looks like Tonys white suit.) Short skirts for the women and tight pants for the men made this a super sexy era.

The shoes

Platforms were unisex. Whether you choose to wear platform shoes with fish in them or not, you had the right look for all of your disco moves.

The accessories

No self respecting 70's costume would call itself complete without great accessories- from chunky lucite bracelets to dangly earrings and giant hoops it is important to have the right finishing touches. Cap your look off with white lipstick and blue eye shadow and you are ready, baby.

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